Welcome to Foxko,

Foxko makes and sells small household appliances for the kitchen and home.

We harness technology to provide advanced multi functionality in single devices, reducing the number of devices consumers need to purchase.

We are able to provide high quality, durable and reliable appliances with superior functionality, at a lower price point than the traditional brands because we sell direct to wholesalers.

Foxko’s appliances are made by the same factories that make the name brands that you knew growing up.

A resident of New York City, Judy Jin founded FoxKo to meet the demands of city dwellers, optimizing limited space, by creating exceptional multi-functional household appliances.


8-In-1 Casting Iron Multi-Cooker 6-QT 

FOXKO delivers quality multi-function appliances you can trust for your home. The Multi-Cooker 8-In-1 grills, sears, sautés, bakes, roasts, slow cooks, steams and has rice and keep warm functions. Cast iron pot and grill makes foods taste better. Stainless steel steamer keeps your healthy eating on track. Pots and grill are stove-top and oven safe. Has an easy to clean non-stick cooking surface and the extra-large, easy to use control panel makes cooking simple

10-In-1 Pressure Cooker Plus Air Fryer Lid 8-QT 

Air fry, slow cook, brown, sear, sauté, steam, simmer, cook rice and finish off foods to crispy perfection in one appliance. Removeable air fryer lid allows for a crispy finish to be added to all dishes! Manual pressure function lets you set any cooking time at either high or low pressure, allowing you to customize recipes. Designed with an airtight locking lid that stays sealed under pressure for added safety. Make healthy meals with one-touch preset settings.

Ice Cream Maker &Yogurt Maker 2.1-QT 

Built-in compressor allows you make yummy ice cream, yogurt, slashes or sorbet within one hour without pre-freezing. The Cooling-only mode keeps ice cream cool and fresh. The stylish control knob with LCD display makes it easy to read and operate. Just add ingredients to the bowl, close the lid, press the power button, select the mode, set time and let it work. The opening on the lid allows adding favorite ingredients during the process.

Clear View Two-Basket Air Fryer 9-QT 

This unit’s top air blowing structure provides even frying and its optimized air duct structure saves 25% cooking time. The basket’s space-saving design increases usage space 23%. Two baskets work independently allowing you to cook two foods and finish at the same time so you can serve all together: two 4.5-qt and one XL 9-qt, with same loading and storage space. Ergonomic operation panel is designed for easy use.