Air Fryer & Grill


Multi-function: Air frying + grilling function.

Adopt centrifugal large air volume air frying module, fried and grilled food is more uniform and faster.

There is no need to turn over the food for frying and roasting. The heat source at the top can be used for frying and roasting. The frying and roasting can be completed in a short time and the effect is better.

The top cover can be flipped open to make it easier to pick and place food.

After the top cover is opened, the frying pan at the bottom can work like a net red pot to realize the functions of net frying pan such as frying and steaming.

The roast beef steak has a fast degreasing appearance, tender and tender on the outside, obvious cooked and stratified layers.

French fries have uniform color, high dehydration rate, crispy and refreshing.