Steam Air Fryer Oven 25L


Steam, Air Fryer, Roast, Dehydrate, Defrost, Ferment, Reheat, etc.
Healthy Cooking: 120C high temperature pure steam, locking original nutrion for the dishes.Juicy inside & Crispy outside cooking foods with auto Steam & Roast function.
Family size -25L of cooking space.
Automatical steam control, precise cooking.
Temperature and cooking time control.
Cook your food 50% faster than a conventional oven.
One-touch Operation: More than 80 Preset Programmes, adjustable temperature 38-230f,1min to 12 Hours adjustable timer, Large size LED display.
Non-stick coated baking tray, non-stick coated crumb tray for easy cleanup.
Accessories: Wire rack, Tong, Crumb Tray, Cotton glove.
SS304# integrated housing for locking steam system, locking nutrients.
Cool-touch Triple-wall glass window for monitoring cooking, and cool-touch.
Patent steam-exhaust cooling system, makes the exhaused steam lower than 65 degree.
120V / 50Hz /1500W
ETL approval