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Bread Maker

SKU FMB7560 


  • Capacity: Variable bucket capacity, suitable for bread sizes ranging from 1lb to 1.5lbs. 

  • Functionality: 20 convenient menu options and 3 customizable baking effects for a variety of bread textures. 

  • Power: 550W high-powered stainless steel heating tube for even baking, yielding bread that's soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. 

  • Bread Bucket Design: The thickened bucket comes with a wavy bottom design and a wavy mixing paddle that mimics hand-kneading, ensuring efficiency and superior baking results. 

  • User Interface: LED display combined with a PET button control panel and a knob for simple operation. 

  • Versatility: Offers a 13-hour delay timer and a 10-minute power-off memory function for added convenience. 

  • Construction: The bread bucket is coated with food-grade material that enhances heat conduction and make cleaning a breeze. 

  • Motor: AC motor to ensure a whisper-quite usage. 

  • Accessories: Measuring cup, a stirring paddle hook, and a wavy stirring paddle for effortless bread making. 

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