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Grind & Brew Coffee Maker


  • Function: Concentration selection, Reservation brewing coffee, keep warm, Grinding thickness adjustment, Bean/Powder dual use.  

  • Extra Feature: Beans grinding thickness adjustment. 

  • Grinding Options: 14 selectable grades of grinding thickness. 

  • Technology: Steam back-flow prevention technology prevents powder clogging for seamless brewing.  

  • Control Panel: Modern touch controls and clear LED display.  

  • Capacity: Large water tank that can make up to 10 cups (1.25L) and a bean tank capacity of 190g. 

  • Keep Warm Function: Automatically keeps coffee warm for 20 minutes at an optimal temperature range of 176-185°F. 

  • Grinding Mechanism: Detachable stainless steel conical grinding knife for precise and uniform grinding

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