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Milk Frother


  • Quick Frothing: Achieve perfect milk foam in just 90 seconds. 

  • Frothing Volume: 150ml for frothing, 300ml for warming. 

  • Versatile Textures: Warm and thick or thin froth, plus cold froth options. 

  • Multi-Function: 4 settings with two buttons for various froths. 

  • Versatile: 360-degree cordless with diverse frothing options. 

  • Intuitive Use: LED indicator and two buttons control. 

  • Safety: Automatic switch-off system and durable stainless-steel build. 

  • Easy Cleaning: Non-stick inner tank and transparent lid. 

  • Elegant Design: Stainless-steel housing with a chrome-plated button finish. 

  • Power: 500W ensures quick and efficient froth and heat.  

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