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Premium Drip ECBC Golden Cup Coffee Maker


  • Generous Size: 1.8L water tank capacity, making up to 12 cups. 

  • Smart Function: 30-second anti-drip feature for clean brewing. 

  • Safety: Boil-dry protection for added security. 

  • Materials: FDA-compliant food-grade construction. 

  • Easy Cleaning: Glass carafe and funnel are dishwasher safe. 

  • Durable Carafe: High-temperature resistant glass. 

  • Convenient Design: Water tank with a visible gauge and upwards removable funnel. 

  • Modern Interface: Touch screen equipped with an LED display. 

  • Customizable Settings: Timer and coffee strength adjustment. 

  • Maintenance Alert: Cleaning reminder. 

  • Specialty Mode: Includes an ice coffee function for cold beverages. 

  • Flexibility: Adjustable cup size function. 

  • Temperature Control: High (>185°F), Mid (>180°F), and Low (>172°F) options. 

  • Sophisticated Aesthetics: Plastic with SUS430 decoration for base and handle. 

  • Power: 1100W. 

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